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Commercial Flooring

Carpet Consultants is a commercial and multifamily carpeting provider. We also offer carpet restoration for both commercial and multifamily projects. Feel feel to contact us today!

What type of carpet are you looking for? The durability of Wear-Dated carpet fiber using Scotchgard Advanced Repel Technology might be the right answer for you. Mohawk carpets with the Wear-Dated seal retain the original beauty much longer and alleviate many of the hassles of carpet care.

Scotchgard has always been known and trusted for its ability to repel liquid spills and resist soiling. Now it’s been improved to offer even better protection. Exclusive to Mohawk Industries, Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology provides even more repellency to liquids and enhanced soil protection.

More consumers know and trust the STAINMASTER® carpet brand than any other carpet brand. Some of the most stylish and luxurious carpets available, on the market today, carry the STAINMASTER® brand name. These beautiful carpets are able to maintain their appearance over time because of the way they are made.

And when you purchase a Mohawk carpet, you get high-quality flooring from one of the world’s most trusted brands backed by robust warranties for up to 20 years. Mohawk carpeting offers unique colors, patterns, styles and features.

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Carpet Consultants Also Offers:

- 10 year warranty on installations
- Free carpet cleaning with carpet purchases